Jane H. Maulucci
Like many journalists, I  started keeping a diary as a kid, which became a journal in junior high and then daily letters to my high school boy friend who was away at college. I finally started making money for writing when I became a Broadcast Journalist with the Air Force stationed  at the American Forces Network Headquarters in Frankfurt,  Germany. 
While there I wrote and recorded news and sports stories, created ad copy for public service announcements (Hey there Soldier! Just because you have checks doesn't mean you have money!) and worked in radio and television production. When I returned to Connecticut I  pursued freelance writing and voice over acting while maintaining real jobs  in sales, public relations and training development. People have always told me their stories and I am lucky to be able to relay them through Patch. Politics I expect everyone to vote, it is our right and our responsibility. And if you don't vote then don't... well, you know. Religion One person's religion is another's superstition. Be respectful, be kind, as a preacher from Nazareth succinctly said: "Love one another." Local Hot Button Issue Isolation and apathy are rampant. Get involved with real people without the electronics. Remember, your cyber friends will GPS where to put the body, but they won't help you bury it.
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