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Brandon McGee has dedicated his life to improving the lives of others. He’ll bring his optimism and can-do attitude to the Capitol, and change how things are done.
This election is about Connecticut’s future—our economy, our jobs, and our families. Brandon serves on numerous Boards helping to improve the lives of our residents by turning around neighborhoods, making sure our education system is second to none, and helping families in need. Brandon McGee is running for State Representative for one clear reason: to build a better future for us all—a future where seniors and working families are not taxed unfairly, a future where all students have access to a proper education, and a future that restores America’s confidence in job creation. Vote for Democrat Brandon McGee on August 14 to build a stronger future for Windsor and Hartford together! Contact Brandon at mcgeeforstaterep@gmail.com or (860) 808-6932
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