Windsor Schools Announce Elementary Bus Schedules

With the reorganization of Windsor Public Schools come some changes to students' bus schedules.

The 2012 academic year will be full of changes for parents and students of Windsor Public Schools. Included in the changes are new bus schedules for students headed to new schools as a part of the elementary reorganization, which officially goes into effect when school doors open on Tues., Aug. 28.

Accordingly, Windsor Public Schools have announced the new bus schedules. The following is a list of bus stops, times and their corresponding schools.

Clover Street School - Bus 15 - Start time: 7:59 a.m.

Stone Road at Karen Circle; Stone Road at Birchwood; 568 Stone Road; Roundabout at Beechwood; Roundabout at Castlewood; Winterwood at Berrios Hill Road; Winterwood at Merriman Road; Merriman Road at Berrios Hill Road; Merriman Road at Landing Circle; Clover Street School

Oliver Ellsworth School - Bus 43 - Start time: 7:56 a.m.

Ashley Road at Joshua Hill; Amanda Circle at Joshua Hill; Amanda Circle at Portman Street at Henrty Street; 27 Portman Street; Windsor Avenue at Country Lane; 1080 Windsor Avenue; 74 Park Avenue; 470 Park Avenue; Park Avenue at Quail Hollow Drive; 714 Park Avenue; Park Avenue @ Pepperbush Way; Park Avenue at Matthew Lane; 1021 Matianuck Avenue; Matianuck Avenue at Summit Drive; Matianuck Avenue at Donna Lane; Barry Lane at Brookview Road; 47 Brookview Road; Oliver Ellsworth School

John F. Kennedy School - Bus 6 - Start time: 7:57 a.m.

Palisado Avenue at North Meadow Road; 316 Palisado Avenue; 3335/336 Palisado Avenue; 1380 Palisado Avenue; 1412 Palisado Avenue; 1135 Palisado Avenue; 1083 Palisado Avenue; Palisado Avenue at Hayden Station Road; 957 Palisado Avenue; 773 Palisado Avenue; 661 Palisado avenue; 299 Palisado Avenue Driveway/Old Kennedy Road; 257 Palisado Avenue; Palisado Avenue at Pierson Lane; 14 Palisado Avenue Windsor Discovery Center; J.F.K. School

Poquonock School - Bus 35 - 7:58 a.m.

Pershing Street at East Pershing Street; 473 West Wolcott Avenue; 413 West Wolcott Avenue; West Wolcotte Avenue and Matianuck Avenue; Rood Avenue and Green Manor Avenue; Rood Avenue and Hope Circle; 137 Rood Avenue; 16 Rood Avenue; 54 Rood Avenue; 31 Rood Avenue; Poquonock School

According to Windsor Public Schools' transportation guidelines, transportation change requests are subject to a moratorium period, and they will be processed during the week of September 6 on a first-come-first-served basis.


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