Board of Education Able to Move On

The Board has received Christopher Watts official letter of resignation.

Board of Education Vice President Darleen Klase recently announced that former board member Christopher Watts' official letter of resignation has been received.

Following pressure from the Board, Watts, having been charged with enticing a 14-year-old girl to engage in sexual activity, .

The official resignation will now allow the process of finding a replacement for Watts to continue.

In April, the Windsor . 

The committee's nomination will have to be reviewed and voted on by the board of education.

Klase did not reveal a timeline for a replacement to be named, and there is currently no agenda item regarding the matter on the board's June 19 meeting agenda.

Since Watts' arrest in March, the board, citing the distraction his being seated on the board causes, has been clear about its eagerness to move on and tend to regular business.

Since Watts was a publicly elected official, the board was unable to remove him from his seat.


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