Water Pollution Control Authority Seeks Funding Suggestions from Town of East Windsor

The East Windsor Board of Selectmen says there's no money in their budget and the WPCA has to have a better thought out plan.

A suggestion that the Town of East Windsor contribute more money to the water pollution control authority gained no support from the board of selectmen recently.

The two sides have had several meetings during the past year, where WPCA officials have expressed concern that the agency may have expenses coming in future years that its current revenue stream won’t cover.

WPCA Board Chairman Paul Anderson said towns that are 100 percent sewered the be benefit is easily defined. But because not everyone in East Windsor is on the sewer system, it’s harder to determine all who benefit.

Anderson said everyone in the community gets some benefit even if they don’t use the system, he cited the businesses that move to East Windsor because of the sewer system. The WPCA was looking for a plan on who’s responsible for what expenses

Board Member D. James Barton said his understanding is that all of the responsibility and expense belongs to the authority, but its revenue based on new sewer connections and user fees.

Barton said they would like to see some type of obligation for the whole town.

First Selectwoman Denise Menard said the town isn’t in a position to include the WPCA in its budget. The WPCA has some of the lowest rates in the area, Menard said.

“There are too many competing priorities on the town side,” Menard said.

The WPCA should look at building more maintenance fees in its budget and increasing user fees, Menard said

Selectman Richard Pippin Jr. said the sewer users are getting the lion’s share of the benefits. The town has paid for projects on Prospect Hill and North Road, he said.

“You need to set up a CIP (capital improvement plan) program,” Pippin said.

Selectman James Richards, a former member of the WPCA board, said when the sewer plant expansion was approved by voters the maintenance was supposed to be paid by sewer fees.

Richards said while people without sewers may be benefiting somewhat from them, the town has paid for them by financing the sewer lines being installation.

Selectman Alan Baker said he’s not sure what they are asking for. The discussion is the same as it was in February, he said.

“Give us a proposal,” Baker said.

Menard said the authority should come up with what other towns similar in size to East Windsor are doing.


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