Town Looks to Expand Fleet of Hybrid Vehicles

The town council will discuss the purchase of a hybrid Honda Civic.

When they meet on Tues., Sept. 4, members of Windsor's town council will be talking cars.

According to town documents, the town seeks to replace a 1994 Ford Crown Victoria with a brand new hybrid Honda Civic. If approved by the council, the Civic would be the ninth hybrid vehicle purchased by the town since 2004.

In particular, council members will be tasked with approving the method of financing.

Financing the vehicle purchase would be accomplished through a collaboration of town and federal funding.

In an effort to encourage the purchase of hybrid vehicles, the federal highway administration (via Connecticut's department of transportation) provides grants to assist in their purchase.

The alternative fuel program provides funding for vehicle costs that go beyond the purchase of a standard-engine vehicle. The hybrid Honda Civic costs roughly $5,900 more than the standard-engine model.

Accordingly, the state department of transportation has announced the approval of a grant for the town's purchase of the car in the amount of $5,900, town documents say.

All nine of the town's hybrid vehicles have been purchased with assistance from the alternative fuel grant program, providing the town with $54,000 in savings.

According to the town, the remainder of funds needed to purchase the vehicle will come from the town's capital budget — the portion of the budget that includes projects financed by bond proceeds or support from state and federal aid.

More than $10 million have been budgeted for in the town's 2012-13 capital projects budget, which, in addition to the replacement of town vehicles, includes road repairs, park improvements and school heating, ventilating and air condition upgrades.

The town council will meet at 7:30 p.m. on Tues., Sept. 4. Monday, the day the council would normally meet, is a holiday.

tchjjal August 31, 2012 at 04:27 PM
What is wrong with these people? Does our town council realize that is "Grant" is not really "free money" to the town? This comes from taxpayers!!!!!!! Sometimes in the name of fiscal responsiblity, it's okay to say "No!" to this sort of spending! No more bonds and support from state and federal aid. If we don't have it, we shouldn't be spending it. And A: The people of Windsor should not be paying for town employees cars in the first place! They should be given an expense at the most like many private employees get. Then you'd see some savings! The taxpayers should not be more of a slave to our state and town spending..... I hope they do the right thing!
Julian McKinley August 31, 2012 at 05:08 PM
tchjjal, just for clarification, town vehicles are used to conduct town business (including fire, police, health department and public works) and are not personal vehicles. Also, the new vehicle will replace an 18-year-old Ford.
Albert Williams August 31, 2012 at 05:49 PM
plus with all the trips to the Dollar Tree sight to view all the violations clear across town it'll pay for itself in gas savings!! now if they could nail DT with some fines to make up some of the $2.8 million in free taxes!! can you see it now...Lally, Barz, Sousa, and Simon packed into a little Prius...sorry, i couldn't resist. i have visions of a circus act.
tchjjal September 01, 2012 at 10:07 PM
Julian, thanks for the clarification but I do understand that. But I am really concerned on budget spending. Should the fire chief have his own vehicle if he doesn't have an office at the town hall and he's out on the road for the bulk of his week, maybe yes. I am ignorant of how many employees of the town have that type of schedule/job. But I do see quite a few state cars out on the road that probably are being used for personal use. Too much freedom with taxpayers money in government positions can lead to fiscal irresponsibility with no accountablility. But the fact that we already have (9) vehicles that are hybrid vehicles - with the cost of at least $5,900 more than a conventional gas driven car - adds up. Plus insurance, gas cards, repairs (probably not shopped around for the best price), etc. makes for a very expensive budget. With rising costs of "you name it".... I'm just concerned....


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