Mayor Trinks Endorses Leo Canty in 5th District Race

Deciding not to run in the second primary election, Windsor Mayor Don Trinks has thrown his support behind his fellow Windsor resident.

Windsor Mayor Don Trinks has officially endorsed Leo Canty in the fifth district Democratic primary race for state representative, the Canty campaign has announced.

Trinks finished third, behind both Canty and Hartford's Brandon McGee, in the first primary, which was held on August 14.

A Hartford superior court judge recently called for voters to return to the polls in a new election after the court was unable to name a Democratic candidate based on votes cast and counted over a five-week period.

Trinks has chosen not to run in the new primary election, scheduled to be held October 2, but has decided to make sure his influence makes a difference.

“My goal all along has been to get a Windsor resident at the Capitol,” Trinks said. “The towns in the fifth district will be well-served with Leo Canty as our representative and we look forward to putting him to work for us."

The October 2 primary presents an opportunity for voters to secure representation by a Windsor resident.

The winner of the primary would then face Republican candidate Paul Panos on the November 6 ballot. Panos is a member of the Windsor Board of Education.

Should Canty win in November, it would be the first time a Windsor Democrat represented their neighbors at the capitol since the 1980's. 

“It is a tremendous honor to have the backing of our Mayor,” Canty said. “Don and I have been real good friends over many years. I did my best to help him and the Democratic teams get elected many times, and while we were on different teams for this short period during the Primary, we never ended the friendship or left the game. We all win some and lose some – what’s more important is we get back in and root for our team, especially in the playoffs."

Tuesday's ballot will include Canty and McGee. The two candidates tied in the initial primary, which underwent two recounts.

kathy carroll September 29, 2012 at 11:26 AM
The long campaign for a Windsor seat at the Capitol is over - and Tuesday we have the opportunity to reverse our 20+ year secondary status. We need someone to represent us who will put Windsor first, know the Windsor neighborhoods and Windsor issues - and most important care about Windsor. Spread the word to your neighbors and friends. Windsor Democratics need to get out the vote for Leo. The district was created, not as another seat for Hartford, but to give Windsor a voice - long overdue for the oldest town in Connecticut.
Bill Generous September 29, 2012 at 03:59 PM
Windsor now has 4 state house voting districts instead of 3 that provide an opportunity to elect someone from Windsor and about 2 years ago was the last time someone that lived in Windsor occupied a state house seat. Two of the three candiates left standing in the State house 5th district race are from Windsor: Leo Canty (D) and Paul Panos (R). Electing someone from Windsor may be a concern for some, but in the end, the candidate elected will need to serve constituents in parts of both Hartford and Windsor. If you want good representation, choose whom you believe to be the best candidate, regardless of which town they live in.


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