East Haven to Host 2012 'Latino Expo'

East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr will hold a press conference Friday to announce a "very important event" involving the "Latino community of Connecticut."

Update at 3:30 p.m.

The town of East Haven will play host this year's "Latino Expo."

That is the news that Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr. will be announcing at this Friday morning's press conference at the high school.

The additional information was just released in a follow up memo by Frank Gentilesco Jr, assistant director of administration & management, in an effort to clarify information included in the original press advisory about Friday's press talk.

Gentilesco added that all other details surrounding this year's expo will be given at the news conference on Friday. 

According to its website, however, this year's Latino Expo — now in its 12th year — will take place at East Haven High School from May 5-6.

The event, which is free, is the largest annual two-day event attracting Latinos throughout the northeast.

"The Latino Expo has created a one-stop for information and resources," the organizers state on the expo's website. "There are five major areas of focus: business, education, jobs, health care, energy conservation and resources."

ORIGINAL STORY (Posted at 12:30 p.m.)

It appears that Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr. may be looking to take another step forward in to the town's immigrant community.

The has released a statement early this afternoon alerting local news media outlets that Maturo will hold a press conference this Friday to make a "major announcment" that relates to the state's Latino population.

In the release, the Mayor's Office reports that during the conference, Maturo will "announce a very important event that involves the Latino Community of Connecticut."

The press event will take place Friday at East Haven High School, 35 Wheelbarrow Road, beginning at 9:30 a.m.

No Advance Information?

Just exactly what the mayor will be announcing, however, remains unknown.

East Haven Patch was told by the Mayor's Office a short time ago that no additional information about Friday's conference will be released in advance of the upcoming press talk.

East Haven Patch will be at the high school Friday morning, providing real time updates via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Calls to Resign

News of the upcoming announcement comes in the wake of renewed calls for the mayor's resignation within some corners of East Haven's immigrant community and elsewhere.

Last week, the grassroots group delivered a memo to the mayor, which included their .

The mayor, however, was at the time — a fact that created a from some residents, particularly after Democratic Town Committee Chairman issued a to local media outlets calling for Maturo to return to East Haven.

Ann Della Camera March 07, 2012 at 04:35 AM
Ivanna. nice of you to offer to pay the bill. If you can't think of the good it will do than do ask the cost.
Ann Della Camera March 07, 2012 at 04:47 AM
Gene, you being the DTC chairman and the P&Z chairman, do you ever give either of these your time, I bet you don't even bother to go to sites presented to the P&Z board. Your on here so much or at the donut shop gossiping like and old lady. The res home is calling Gene. Your bitter, and can't handle you lost and in Feb of 2014 you get off the commission, I read you like a book, your intrest in YOU, not the town. So grab the towel whipe the tears and get on with the job you were unfortunatly given.
linda March 07, 2012 at 05:01 AM
Slightly off subject, but in the ragister today a quote from Barbara Fair "In New Haven, it is second nature.You know if you are black or latino you are likely to be pulled over for some reason or another. It's a way of life." So where is the DOJ-- or FBI-- Chief of Police-- Mayor John?????????????? Anybody???? Everyone is damning East Haven to keep the focus off themselves!! But we are a strong community and we will set the standard for others to follow. This event is such a positive for us. There can be no negatives-- Mayor Maturo is working very hard for our town, and we the citizens must stand behind our Mayor!!!!
Chip Brainerd March 07, 2012 at 06:22 PM
It seems to me this event would have had to have been planned at least a year ago.If the Mayor's Office was trying to be strategic about announcing it ,the smart thing would have been to mention it after this community was first accused of being detached from to the Latino community,not after he returned from a highly criticized vacation. But it speaks volumes ,assuming someone in Town hall did know about it ,abut how clueless the Mayor's office is ,that it wasn't presented earlier .. I have no problem with it being held here,neither should anyone else,its no different than the Columbus Day Parade or anything other ethnic festival. Although I did feel it was interesting that it was held on Cinqo de mayo, a mostly Mexican holiday. Seems to me the mayor is taking this crisis as seriously as the last few months of his last term in office .
Lou March 08, 2012 at 05:46 PM
It's funny how the people that did not agree with Patrick Madley's posts in the past ridiculed him for being young and naive. While I do not share his views on certain subject matters, he is one of the very few people that is actually making sense right now. I think we should all read his posts from the last couple of months and learn from his attitude. In my opinion, he is hitting the nail on the head. Who cares that April did this or Joe did that. We need to come together as a town and thrive. Bury the hatchet people, it's not about party lines at this point. Can't we all work nicely together as a team? While your at it take a step back and read some of the posts pertaining to this article. Embarrassing isn't it? Although it may seem it, we are not a bunch of adolescence. There are some highly educated people in this town and people that have been living here for many many years who have a wealth of knowledge. Let's start acting like grown ups and stop giving the media excuses to portay our town as a circus. This bickering back and forth is crazy and must stop. Again, if we all have an attitude similiar to this young man more problems could be solved in an efficient manner. Grow up people and look at the big picture here. Let's keep out quaint town out of the papers and let's start getiing this train moving in the right direction.


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