GNEPSA: Canty's Complaint "Just Another Desperate Attack"

The Great New England Public Schools Alliance responded to Leo Canty's filing of a campaign finance complaint against Brandon McGee's campaign.

Outraged by what it alleges to be a violation of a campaign finance agreement, the .

Specifically, the Canty campaign expressed opposition to recent cash contributions made by The Great New England Public Schools Alliance in an effort to get the word out in support of Canty's opponent, Hartford's Brandon McGee — contributions totally nearly $40,000.

Monday evening, GNEPSA responded to the Canty campaign, which condemned the contributions as an attempt "to steal the election."

"Sadly this is just another desperate attack from an increasingly desperate campaign," said GNEPSA spokesperson Jeri Powell. "The image the Canty campaign filed a complaint over is already available on Brandon McGee's public Facebook page in support of President Barack Obama."

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In the Canty campaign's complaint, it alleges get-out-the-vote efforts funded by GNEPSA were completed with cooperation from the McGee campaign because "circulating literature with a picture of Brandon McGee that does not appear on any of his own campaign literature and could only have been obtained by coordination of this expenditure with the McGee campaign."

"It is telling that Leo Canty would be willing to waste taxpayer dollars adjudicating a claim that can be easily shot down by spending two minutes on Google simply in an attempt to advance his personal political agenda," Powell said.

(Click here to view the photograph GNEPSA says has been publicly available on McGee's page in support of President Obama.)

GNEPSA's cash support of the McGee campaign began on September 26, and included printing literature, financing canvassing and setting up a phone bank.

james walsh October 02, 2012 at 02:35 PM
Go Brandon McGee! You have Leo Canty jealous of a contribution and he is now running scared. The time has come to elect leaders with a mind set to change the strangle hold the teachers union and politicians have on our public education system. Politicians like Al Simmon and Leo Canty are teachers union lovers and all about status quote for our children’s education and spend, spend, spend is there solution to fix the problems within. Politicians that align themselves with large a group of voters like the teachers union in my opinion do so to take the easy way to a vote. When you’re elected Brandon we have high expectations for you to make a difference.


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