Blizzard Exhausts 75% of Windsor Storm Budget

Snow removal efforts in response to the recent blizzard continued well into the week of Feb. 10 and cost the town roughly $130,000.

Town Manager Peter Souza delivered his monthly report to members of the town council, and revealed Blizzard Charlotte took a particularly expensive toll on the town.

According to Souza, cleanup of the more than two feet of snow dumped on Windsor has cost the town roughly $130,000. 

To date, Souza said, the town has used 75 percent of funds budgeted for storm cleanup in the current fiscal year.

"Let's hope there aren't too many late winter and early spring storms," Souza told council members.

On the bright side, the town isn't expected to foot the entire bill. 

Souza said the town has surpassed the number of storm cleanup hours and associated costs to become eligible for a partial federal reimbursement.

The reimbursement, according to Souza, would be for up to 75 percent of costs for a 48-hour clean up period.

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Souza also revealed Governor Malloy intends to request the federal government expand the number of hours for reimbursement to 72.

As far as the quality of work performed following the storm, Souza said town officials, including emergency staff, "did a commendable job during the snow storm."

According to Souza, the majority of roads were cleared Saturday, with a few being cleared on Sunday.


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