'Local Hero,' Jules Lenard, Dies at 91

The 73-year veteran and former chief of the Windsor Volunteer Fire Department is remembered as an exemplary firefighter and his service to the town.

Jules Lenard, a member of the Windsor Volunteer Fire Department passed away at his home Tuesday evening, according to Windsor Fire Administrator Paul Goldberg.

Lenard was 91 years old.

After joining the Windsor fire company in 1940, Lenard built a body of service to the town that was inspired by his firefighting father and included several exceptional accomplishments.

Lenard became fire chief in 1965, four decades before he would be named firefighter of the year and recognized by then-Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz for his decades of service.

"Jules had many qualities that made him an exemplary Windsor firefighter, including his vast knowledge and willingness to impart that knowledge to our younger members," said Fire Chief Bill Lewis.

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"His outstanding performance, leadership and passion as a firefighter have greatly contributed to the safety of the Windsor community for decades. Our hearts are heavy, but we are also deeply grateful for the service of this local hero," Lewis added.

Arrangements have yet to be finalized, according to Goldberg.


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