Windsor Man Sentenced after Burglarizing Home with Middle School Student

Police say Dajuan Hill was involved with a string of Windsor home burglaries, including an incident in which took along a 12-year-old middle school student.

Windsor resident Dajuan Hill was sentenced in court Tuesday after having pleaded guilty to burglarizing a Windsor home.

When questioned, Hill, 28, confessed to having been involved with three home burglaries in his own neighborhood dating back to 2008, court documents say.

According to an affidavit obtained in court, the Philip Henry Circle resident told police he broke into the homes because his parents had issue with him being unemployed.

During the most recent burglary, a break-in on Custer Drive, Hill took along an individual he described to police as "a friend" — a 12-year-old Sage Park Middle School student he had ring a doorbell to guage whether or not the victim was home before using a golf club to smash a kitchen-door window and gaining access to the home, court documents reveal.

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The victim said she took her daughter to Buckland Hills Mall in Manchester the night of the break-in and returned home to find the kitchen-door windsow smashed, the family room windsor broken. She was missing an onyx necklace and and two gold necklaces from her dresser.

Having pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary, Hill was given a suspended jail sentence contingent upon three years of good behavior and five years probation.


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