School Board Calls for Watts' Resignation; Special Meeting Scheduled

The Board is asking for Christopher Watts to step down so neither the Board nor the public will be distracted "from our joint mission to promote the effective education of the children of Windsor.”

The Windsor Board of Education is asking Board member Christopher Watts to submit his resignation.

"The very fact that the United States Department of Justice brought such serious charges is of grave concern, and the Board condemns Mr. Watts’ conduct as described by the Department of Justice press release dated March 30, 2012," Board President Doreen Richardson said in a statement released Tuesday morning.

Given , Richardson, on behalf of the entire Board, has requested that Watts resign "so that his continued service will not distract the Board or the public from our joint mission to promote the effective education of the children of Windsor.”

The Board held a special meeting Monday to meet with counsel and discuss Watt's service on the Board.

According to Richardson, "the Board has determined that Mr. Watts never had unsupervised access to children in his role as a Board member, and there is no allegation that Mr. Watts engaged in any misconduct in his service to the Board of Education."

She added that the Board is "shocked and disturbed" by the charges brought forth by the Department of Justice, and Board members are "deeply saddened for [Watts'] family."

The Board of Education has called a special meeting for Tues., April 3 at 7 p.m. in Room 17 of L.P. Wilson. The meeting will be held with specific regard for the recent charges brought against Watts. It will be open to the public, and will feature a standard Audience-to-Visitors segment to allow members of the community to speak.

A discussion of the matter will be held by Board members and there may be action taken.


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