No Damage, Injuries Caused By Earthquake in Windsor

Did you feel the tremor?

According to Windsor Police, no damage or injuries caused by the 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Virginia that sent shocks up the Eastern Seaboard just before 2 p.m.

The earth's movement was felt throughout Windsor.

In WIN-TV's studio on Matianuck Avenue, chairs, desks and wall decorations shook, according to Jenny Hawran, WIN-TV Station Manager.

Seated at her desk beside WIN-TV Board of Directors member Ann Walsh, Hawran saw Walsh's chair begin to sway back and forth just before her own chair began to move.

The movement was what Social Services Case Worker Debbie Sheldon had mistaken for "a dizzy spell."

"I said 'Andy I'm starting to feel a little dizzy,'" she recalled telling fellow-caseworker Andrew Price. Price told Sheldon that "if it is [a dizzy spell] I'm feeling it too," Sheldon said.

"The walls turned to rubber, the chairs shook, everything was jiggling," Sheldon described.

occurred in 1791 around East Haddam, before the invention of the Richter scale 1935.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy opened the state's Emergency Operations Center shortly after the quake and sent out the following statement: 

“The movement people in Connecticut felt was associated with the earthquake which originated in Virginia.  Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection staff is at the Emergency Operations Center as a precaution, but at this point, there have been no reports of injury or damage.”

Calls into Town Halls and Police Departments flooded in following the aftershock. In Hartford, a scary scene was described.

"Felt it in Hartford," wrote Libby Lord on Suffield Patch's Facebook page. "The floor and walls were moving and you could hear the building creaking as it swayed back and forth! Grabbed my bag and went down the stairs - everyone else was running out too... THAT was interesting!

You can read the experience of Patch readers who felt the earthquake at its epicenter in Virginia and let them know what it felt like up here on the earthquake's Facebook page.

Richard E. Knickerbocker August 23, 2011 at 08:57 PM
I was in the Union Street Tavern didn't feel the quake but the lights did flicker


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