What's on Tonight: 30 Rock, Person of Interest, Prank My Mom

TV tips for Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2012.

30 Rock, 8 p.m., NBC

The first episode of the last season. I am going to savor every second of this like it is the most expensive glass if wine I have ever been served.

Person Of Interest, 9 p.m., CBS

I am liking the humanization of the machine – although it is a little weird, I have to admit. It’s like Finch invented his mother, almost. And I totally do not understand anything ‘Root’ says – can’t figure that out at all – but I love the laser focus of Reese on finding his ‘friend.’ Reese has a huge heart, and now that he has a dog, well, he is officially the perfect man.

Prank My Mom, 10:30 p.m., Lifetime

This is a sneak peek of a new “10 episodes of the series that will feature sons and daughters targeting their mothers with pranks including setting up a blind date from hell and more.” It is hosted by Vivica A. Fox. Tonight “A mother meets her daughter's new boyfriend; a mother must help her child retrieve a sex tape; a mother meets her daughter's new employers.” As a mother, I find none of this amusing.

Tim Sanchez October 04, 2012 at 05:41 PM
Person of Interest is such a great show, but I wish I caught up with it before the second season premiere. I’m still a few episodes behind, but I’ll be recording tonight’s episode through my Hopper’s Primetime Anytime feature. Once enabled, my DVR automatically records three hours of the big four networks during primetime. A coworker at DISH told me about this feature, and now I can save episodes of Person of Interest until I catch up with it. I didn’t know that you needed to own a dog to be considered the perfect man.


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