Good-News Friday: Jan. 18, 2013

Looking to bring you some good news and a smile as we head into the weekend prior to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Many of the business stories reported on Windsor Patch come in the form of large developments that neighbors aren't exactly eager to welcome into town; but local business can be synonymous with good news as well. The most recent partnership initiative of the Windsor Chamber of Commerce and Windsor Federal Savings proves just that.

The most recent collaboration between the two didn't fail to bring a smile to my face, and, while speaking to Chamber Director Jane Garibay, the words "Good News Friday" rang over and over in my head while we chatted about this positive initiative.

(In need of another pick-me-up this Friday? Look to the right for an embedded video of all the great things security cameras pick up!)

The work the Chamber does to benefit local business is no secret and now Windsor Federal is helping spread those benefits to those in most need.

In light of tough economic times, the local bank has decided to sponsor Chamber memberships to businesses in Wilson — businesses that might not othewise be able to afford to become members and thus reap the associated awards.

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According to Windsor Federal Vice President and Regional Branch Manager Mark Walker, the bank will sponsor interested Wilson businesses through June (when the Chamber membership year ends) in hopes of getting them involved in the greater Windsor community and enhance the overall business environment of Windsor's south end.

The hope, Walker said, is that those businesses will come to give back to the community and their involvement will bring the entire community closer together.

According to Walker, sponsorships for businesses who become active through June will be continued over the following year.

Interested Wilson businesses can apply for sponsorship by filling out a form available at the Chamber of Commerce on Broad Street.

Both the Chamber and Windsor Federal have been active in engaging the Wilson community, including the establishment of a part-time Chamber satellite office in that part of town.


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