What Are Your Holiday Traditions?

Every family does something a little different. Share your tradition.

While Christmas, Hanukkah and other year-end holidays are celebrated by many, each family has its own set of traditions that are followed each year.

Sure, traditions come and go and are modified as families grow or shrink, but each household undoubtedly holds its own set of customs associated with the holiday.

Some families will wake up a crowd around the Christmas tree to tear open presents.

Perhaps a famiy may gather around a family elder to hear the significance of celebrating the holiday, or tell tales of family history.

Others may begin their morning by heading to mass or helping the needy.

Singing carols may be the chosen tradition of a family, while another may cherish time spent at home around a large breakfast table.

We want to know what you and your family do this time of year that makes the holiday season special.

You can share your holiday traditions with us below in the comments field.


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