Windsor Prepares for Blizzard Conditions

Town staff have provided a number of resources to allow residents to remain safe during and after Friday's blizzard.

Residents can be spotted filling up emergency reserve gas tanks at filling stations here and there across town, but the big rush to stash the gas and food has yet to take place.

Town officials, however, aren't resting on their laurels as meteorologists are calling for more than two feet of snow in the region Friday evening.

As with any storm, the Windsor pubic works department is preparing to activate its storm control unit, which is charged with clearing roads and debris, but town officials have also provided a number of guidelines, bans and reminders to help make the wintry weather more manageable:

  • The parking ban in Windsor remains in effect. No parking on Windsor streets is allowed from 1 a.m. - 6 a.m.
  • After snow accumulation has reached two inches in depth, plow units will be dispatched to clear roads.

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  • No vehicles are permitted to park on streets during a snow or ice storm that has been in progress for more than an hour.
  • Property owners are required to clear snow from their sidewalks and fire hydrants within 12 hours of the storm.
  • Residents are encouraged to keep outside exits, walks and stairs free of snow and ice as it accumulates.
  • If you must shovel your driveway before all snow has been cleared, shovel snow on the right side of your driveway so it won't be pushed back in.
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