Palisado Avenue Home Sells for $304,000

A look at who's leaving and who's coming to Windsor.

24 Woody Brook Road — $97,000 — Household Realty Corporation to Northeast House and Home, LLC; recorded Jan. 31

22 Abby Lane — $105,000 — Household Realty Corporation to David Redekas; recorded Jan. 31

62 Hayden Station Road — $25,000 — Hartford Dental Society, Inc. to James Walsh; recorded Jan. 31

15 Stonehenge Drive — $203,600 — Alexander and Joanne M. Goralski to Daniel M. Pivin; recorded Jan. 30

365 Park Avenue — $193,500 — Helen J. Cumberbatch to Vasantbhai S. and Rimaben V. Patel; recorded Jan. 29

18 Scarborough Road — $145,500 — Frank G. and Effie P. Stewart to Justin James Buck; recorded Jan. 28

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721 Palisado Avenue — $304,500 — Barbara Eliot to Francis Franco; recorded Jan. 25

1935 Logans Way — $162,900 — Lionel Fongemie to Helen J. Cumberbatch; recorded Jan. 25

65 Alcott Drive — $230,000 — Robert A. AND Dorothy L. Fournier to Mysti Dunnham; recorded Jan. 25


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