Marble Faun Lane Property Sells for $276,000

A look at who's coming to and who's leaving town.

60 Somerset Drive — $238,750 — Curtis N. and Wendi G. Richert to Katie E. Deniar; recorded October 5

234 West Street — $205,000 — William J. Miskavitch to Todd H. Siedor; recorded October 4

808 Bookbinder — $192,000 — Robert C. St. Jacques to Henry C. Henlas; recorded October 3

461 Poquonock Avenue — $192,000 — Remik K. and Erin M. Mueller to Michael A. and Sandra J. Nelson; recorded October 1

191 Merriman Road — $235,000 — Simone Development, LLC to Brent A. Hughes and Kimberly Hagens-Hughes; recorded October 1

1 Moorlands — Rashad J. Underwood to Kennth A. and Lucinda S. Brumbaugh; recorded October 1

12 Pilgrim Road — $190,000 — Denman H. James to Lindsay E. Roscoe and Gerard Kupchunos; recorded October 1

10 Marble Faun Lane — $276,000 — Damille Donald to Letia G. Payne; recorded October 1


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