Hurricane Sandy: Windsor Info Center

The Windsor emergency operations center is fully staffed and managing the town's storm response as Sandy moves north.

Tues., Oct. 30; 10:24 a.m.

All Windsor town hall offices are open today.

Win-TV and L.P. Wilson are open as well. All Windsor Public Schools are still closed.

First Town Downtown has announced that Nightmare on Broad Street will still be held on Wed., Oct. 31.

Garbage and recycling pick-up will not take place Tuesday; it has been delayed until Wednesday and pick-up will continue on regular schedule after that.

Storm debris will be accepted free of charge at the Windsor/Bloomfield landfill (500 Huckleberry Road) through November 10. Debris on residential curbsides will not be picked up by Windsor public works, town officials say.


Mon., Oct. 29; 10:30 p.m.

Fourteen percent of Connecticut Light and Power customers in Windsor have lost power, according to the company. That percentage represents a little over 1,800 households or residents in town. 

Statewide, CL&P reports 475,964 households and businesses are without power.

Mon., Oct. 29; 4 p.m.

The town of Windsor is encouraging residents to relocate to a friend or family member's home if needed due to the town's "limited sheltering capability." 

Town officials, in a statement, are also directing residents who decide to go to the shelter (if opened) to bring supplies like pillows, blankets and medicine.

The town's shelter, which is located at L.P. Wilson Community Center (500 Matianuck Avenue) has not been opened.

During the 2011 October snowstorm, the shelter was opened after 100-percent of Windsor lost power.

As of Monday morning, a Connecticut Light and Power tree and line crew arrived in Windsor and will be working alongside Windsor public works to address any issues that may arise.

As of 4:30 p.m., only one Windsor resident, or 0.01 percent of CL&P Windsor customers, has lost power.

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Mon., Oct. 29; 1:37 p.m.

Windsor's emergency operations center (EOC) opened Monday, providing a fully-staffed resource for residents with non-emergency needs and carrying out the town's storm plan.

While Windsor is no stranger to flooding, the town is not expecting significant flooding in town, according to Martin Maynard, Windsor's risk manager.

Maynard does expect flooding to occur in low-lying areas of town, similar to storms that sweep through each year.

Maynard was unable to pinpoint the amount of wind damage that is expected in town, but said the town is in continual communication with state and national weather service officials.

Windsor has not opened it's storm shelter, which will be located at L.P. Wilson, but is preparing to so if needed.

That is a decision that will likely be made tonight, Maynard said.

Mon., Oct. 29; 12 a.m.

All town facilities, with the exception of the landfill, will be closed on Mon., Oct. 29, Windsor officials have announced.

The announcement came on the heels of Windsor Public Schools announcing school closures for both Monday and Tuesday as Hurricane Sandy prepares to make landfall and head toward New England.


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