Good-News Friday: Feb. 8, 2013

Finding the silver lining and the continued tradition of free love.

On this dark and gloomy Friday with dark and gloomy weather predictions, it's certainly necessary to take a hard look at the situation and tug at that little, tiny string. Pull just a little harder and you'll find that it's the silver lining. Tough to expose, I know, but if your persistent, and your touch is just right, you can gather up just enough to wrap your whole weekend in silver-lining fabric.

Despite reports that Windsor may see around two feet of snow fall tonight, which could cause significant tree and structure damage, and knock out power for a few days, there are plenty of reasons to be happy:

  1. The storm could not have come at a better time. It's Friday (Good-News Friday, at that), which means once the storm rolls in, most of us (sorry small business owners, you're kind of out of luck here) have a couple of days to recouperate and head back to work or school without being terribly effected.
  2. Sledding is going to be awesome. There are a few pretty incredible hills in town (There's my favorite behind Oliver Ellsworth School and another behind L.P. Wilson Community Center). And no, you don't have to be under the age of 18 to sled. Grab the top of a trash can, a restaurant tray, whatever you can get your hands on, and get your butts down a hill!
  3. When Nemo rolls through, there's not telling exactly how much damage will be caused or how much money it will cost us, the town, the state. What's guaranteed, however, is Windsor will be transformed into a winter wonderland. It'll be gorgeous, and we can all, at some point between Saturday and Monday morning, take a moment to stop, take a look around and appreciate the natural beauty.
  4. There's will also be ample snow and a perfect reason to grab the family, friends, yourself and head over to Northwest Park for a day of snow shoeing or cross-country skiing.

Along with the stream of good news the blizzard brings, this time of year is also special because there's love in the air — and in Windsor that love is free.

For the 51st year, Windsor will be offering free wedding licenses to couples on Valentine's Day. The tradition began in 1962 and this year, each couple who gets hitched at town hall will be eligible to win a gift basket donated by Windsor businesses.

Couples can also get married on the spot, as a Justice of the Peace will be on hand.

To do so, couples should call town hall at 860-285-1902 to schedule.


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