Raw Food Explained

"You Don't Have to be Sick" Raw Food Explained

Man's body is a living organism, made of living cells, which require living food in order to be properly nourished and function optimally.

When we put cooked food into our body, loaded with artificial contaminates, the body starts to break down. It begins with the very young with colic, rashes, colds, earaches, upset stomachs, swollen glands and tonsils.

As the child grows older, there may be tooth decay, pimples, the flu etc. Then as we enter adult life there is arthritis, hypoglycemia, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and cancers including a multitude of other diseases. All these diseases are unnecessary and are nothing but the result of improper diet and lifestyle.

Those who profit from sickness have led us to believe these physical problems are natural, and that when we get sick we are just the innocent victims of some bacterium, germ or virus or that we inherited these problems.

They then tell us that the human body is a complex organism that only they can understand, so we must trust them and their expensive drugs, radiation and surgery as our only hope for alleviating these problems. Yet their track record is horrible.

We see people getting sicker and sicker. Most Americans have accepted their teachings hook, line, and sinker while the state of health in America continues to decline, and the cost of this so-called health care continues to escalate. In the mid 1990's Americans paid over $1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion dollars)!

So what's the answer? The answer is simple, so simple in fact that it may seem hard for some to believe. The only solution, if we are going turn things around to a more healthful existence are that we must get fresh air, pure water, raw plant based food, and moderate amounts of sunlight. That's it! Anything else is a contaminate to the body and has an adverse effect on our health.

The human body is a living organism made of living cells that are constantly in the process of dying and replacing themselves. These living cells require proper building materials to function and reproduce healthy new cells.

Even slight variations away from the natural raw materials which were intended for the cells to be composed and nourished can lead to disease and ultimately a premature death.

If we look at the rest of the animal kingdom, we see that every other animal, with the exception of man, feeds on raw food. Then further, when we look at the animal kingdom, there is no sickness!

Today, over 90 percent of the people die from heart disease (50% of all deaths), cancer (33% of all deaths), and diabetes (8% of all deaths). 

We live in an age of almost total ignorance when it comes to the laws of life. The sad part of this is that most people today accept the teachings of this world's so-called authorities as fact rather than searching for the truth.

Today we accept and, in a sense, worship science and everything science teaches, never questioning whether their pronouncements are truth or not. What is truth is that food and drug industries care more about how big their wallets will grow, not about your health and well-being. The bigger and sicker you become, the bigger and fatter their wallets become.  It often appears that scientists' findings are based upon personal philosophies or who is paying their paycheck rather than on truly scientific, verifiable fact.

 We also blindly accept the medical profession's teaching as to why we get sick. Then we accept their drugs, radiation, chemotherapy and surgery as the only means of dealing with sickness.

Even though this approach is making us sicker and sicker, exhausting our savings and even killing people, we never seem to question the validity of these teachings. The average American, in ignorance, has conformed to this world in almost every area that deals with physical life, and is paying an extremely heavy penalty.

We have accepted and practiced the teachings of the "authorities" of this world (government, science, medical, big business) as truth. As a result, living in constant violation of almost every fundamental principal of life we were designed, it is of no wonder why our bodies break down. 

Take an honest look at the world around you and see if what I am saying is not true. Look at the leaders of this world and you will see that these leaders, despite their political or religious philosophies, all have one thing in common: They are sick!

Politicians and government leaders are sick! Scientists are sick! Educators are sick! Medical doctors are sick! Business leaders are sick! Economists are sick!  All manifest every sort of physical problem and are dying premature deaths as a result of these sicknesses.

How can we expect to have a healthy world when all our leaders, the very ones we look to for guidance in what to eat and how to take care of illness, are sick also? It is like the blind leading the blind.

Once the true nature of disease is understood, sickness is no longer a mystery. It is so thrilling to know that health can almost always be restored without drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, and that physical problems can almost always be eliminated by simply applying natural laws.

If we experience sickness or disease, along with the resulting misery and suffering and financial cost, we have no one else to blame but ourselves. This is called personal accountability, something we shy away from in this present day, in which we want to blame someone or something else for all our problems.

Many people who had applied the diet and healing methods of this world for years eventually find themselves in worse health, and some were even given up by doctors as terminal. Yet when they change their diet and lifestyle they almost always get well, usually within a few short months.

With a living plant based diet, our bodies can become immune to almost all disease and we can look forward to a healthy life well past 100 years, free of disease and sickness, as well as mental and emotional problems.

Today most people accept cooked food as the normal means of supplying the body with nutrients, not realizing that the living cells of our bodies do not take nourishment from the dead and artificial ingredients found in cooked food.

And so, after a typical meal of cooked meat, cooked potatoes, a cooked vegetable and a piece of cooked bread, followed by a cooked sugar desert, their stomach is full and they think they have satisfied the nutritional needs of their body. In reality, they have given their body practically no nourishment. And thus with a full stomach they are slowly starving their body's cells.

All food as found in nature is RAW, and consists of the same basic three elements: (1) naturally distilled water, (2) roughage or fiber, and (3) nutrients. The purest water known to man is found in raw fruits and vegetables, and water constitutes approximately 70% of our body.

Roughage is necessary to keep the colon clean and functioning properly, while the lack of it causes constipation. Nutrients make up the smallest part of plant life, but when received into our body in raw natural form provide all we need to be properly nourished.

All edible raw plants consist of almost the same elements, differing only in proportions, color, and taste. All plant and animal life is but an ongoing exchange and circulation of atoms. The seed sprouts, sends forth a shoot, develops branches and leaves, and ultimately bears the fruit (or vegetable).

Then it is consumed by an animal or human and becomes skin, heart, liver, blood, etc., which eventually returns to the ground. It is an ongoing cycle that is repeated over and over again and has been since creation. But for this cycle to be complete and function properly, things must be in a raw, living form.

A scientist tries to analyze the nutrients, and tells us how many milligrams of each vitamin we need or how many grams of protein we need daily to be properly nourished. Then he takes these nutrients out of the natural foods or concocts similar nutrients artificially and sells them to us as vitamin, mineral or protein supplements. Then he tells us we need to take these manufactured, unnatural products in order to be properly nourished.

The difference between natural, raw foods versus cooked, processed foods and synthetic vitamins is the very difference between life and death. Raw foods are alive. Cooked, processed foods and synthetic vitamins are dead.

But nowhere in any government nutrition table is there a distinction made between live and dead foods or nutrients. Man cannot create life in a laboratory, so scientists, nutritionists and medical doctors ignore the difference between food that is alive and food that is dead. The nonsense these scientists, nutritionists, and medical doctors are presenting as fact is an absurdity.

More to come. . .

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Curtis & Kristin Griffing July 22, 2011 at 05:03 PM
Hi Eric, If you want to here more detail about this diet and lifestyle you should try to make it to this event we are sponsoring at Loomis / Chaffe school here in Windsor, Aug. 26,27, and 28th. You can read more about it here: http://rawfoodcentral.com/drdouggraham/


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