Great Local Gift Ideas for a Yankee Swap

Check out these picks for your next Holiday Gift Exchange.

The annual gift exchange, commonly referred to as a Yankee Swap, is a popular activity during holiday parties. The rules for such an event are fairly simple, and are as follows:

Each attendee brings a wrapped gift, which are grouped together in a pile. Numbers are written on scraps of paper equaling the number of guests participating, and each guest picks their number out of the hat to determine the order they will be choosing their gift. The person who chooses number one gets to go first, and so on.

Once the gift is opened, the guest decides at that point whether to keep the gift, or swap it with a gift previously opened. The person with number one, obviously, is stuck with their gift being that no other gifts have been opened at this point.

However, the trick is the person with number one is actually given an opportunity after all of the gifts have been opened and swapped around to pick anything the other guests have and take it for themselves.

Typical Yankee Swap gifts include candles, scratch lottery tickets, chocolates and the mandatory bottle of wine. There is one gift that can always be counted at every Yankee Swap: the gag gift. The best gag gifts are the ones that bring on serious chuckles, because there's no greater feeling than the all-out belly laugh, when something is so funny you laugh until you cry.

And after all, these gatherings are a great way for everyone in attendance to get together for a good laugh, and maybe even wind up with a nice gift, too. Here is a list of gift suggestions ranging from the practical to the hilarious for your next Yankee Swap.

1. A bottle of Choco Vine or Chocolat Rouge: Chocolate Red Wine: Red wine infused with rich dark chocolate. Can there be a better invention? This gift will be the hit of the party as everyone tries to be the lucky one to take it home. Creamy Choco Vine can be found at Merchants or the red wine with hints of chocolate Chocolate Rouge at both Merchants and The Danvers Butchery.

2. The Handbag Hook: This nifty little gadget is a must have in every ladies purse. No more clutches taking up table-space or bags falling off chair backs onto the dirty floor when dining out! The rubberized holder attaches easily to any restaurant or bar table so ladies bags can be stored securely from tables edge from the metal hanger, and is small enough to fit into the tiniest clutch. Can be found at Partridge Tree Gift Shop.

3. Yodeling Pickle: This gag gift is just plain silly -Think Big Mouth Billy Bass for the next generation. It will definitely get the laughs if that’s what you’re going for! Imagine the surprised looks as this pickle begins yodeling. Remove packaging and insert batteries prior to wrapping so you can cut right to the fun! Can be found at Newbury Comics in their new location, next to Macy’s at the Northshore Mall.

4. Spirit Hoods: Funny and functional, Spirit Hoods are the latest craze for free spirits of all ages. The furry hat, scarf, mitten combo is a fun and stylish way to brave the cold. Also at Newbury Comics.

5. Chuckle Buddies Monkey: Your party guests will laugh out loud as the motion activated monkey rolls around on the floor, laughing uncontrollably. Once the adults have had their fill, makes a great re-gift for the kids! Also available in cat, dog and alligator versions, and can be found at Toys R Us at The Northshore Mall.

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