New Bar in a Familiar Location: Beer Goggles

Beer Goggles recently opened and chatted with Patch about their home

George Boyer and Nick Hall are not new to the bar scene.

"We both had bars in Ohio," explained Boyer. "He [Nick Hall] moved down here first, and convinced me to come down after him."

Their joint venture opened February 10th, but the space itself had seen other drinking holes before.

"There have been bars here for fifteen years," Boyer said. "The regulars have adopted us as their new home."

It is not difficult to understand why.

"We have the best service in the area," Boyer said, "The bartenders remember customer's names and drinks as soon as they come in the door."

The afternoon crowd is a bit older; the younger crowd pops in at night.

"We have live music and a DJ on Saturdays, trivia nights, karaoke and poker tournaments on Thursday."

The bar itself is positioned in between a shopping center right off of Belcher Road and Ulmerton Road. There is plenty of parking, and a myriad of other storefronts like . Since Beer Goggles only serves pizza, they allows their customers to bring in outside food from neighboring restaurants.

To help wash down the food, Beer Goggles offers a fully stocked bar and several drafts on tap.

“We rotate them around a lot,” Boyer said. “But we have Yuengling and Shock Top, which is very popular.”

Overall, “It is mainly a Bud, Bud Light crowd.”

Beer Goggles is located at 7717 Ulmerton Rd, Largo, FL 33771. They can be contacted at 727-408-5217.

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Katherine McManus Hawkins March 29, 2011 at 12:26 AM
My friends & i have been coming to Beer Goggles for about a month now - for PopQuizTrivia,on Friday nites! WHAT A blast!! The place is nice & clean..and most patrons are curteous enough to go outside & smoke. The service is OUTSTANDING! We were there this past Fri nite, the joint was jumpin' and Kitty was ruling the roost! She tended bar, waited tables and interacted with the crowd! She is THE BEST!! Trivia is soooo much fun! 8 til 10pm. Sometimes we older folks "whup" those youngsters butts!! Everyone has a FUN time! C'mon down..ANY nite, but personally I think Friday nites are the best!!
Katherine McManus Hawkins June 30, 2012 at 03:46 PM
Beer Goggles is no longer in business at the Ulmerton Rd location. Judging from the above post from Aj, it wasn't the place we trivia players thought it was! Too much drama for us.
Melissa Lattman June 30, 2012 at 04:02 PM
Hi Katherine, Thanks for reading Patch. If you would like, here is the link to the story about the bar that is now open in the former Beer Goggles location. http://patch.com/A-sGZy


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