A New Massage Parlor Is Coming To Town

The owner of Serenity Massage & Wellness Center promises there will be no trouble as there was at Jade Massage.


Maybe moving into the storefront next door will be a charm for a new massage parlor in town. Earlier this year, heads turned and tongues wagged as Jade Massage made news all over the state when its owner was arrested for prostitution.

Jade Massage Therapy aka 888 Massage, located at 3 Post Office Square, was subsequently shut down after police received numerous complaints from citizens that male clients were patronizing the business and engaging in sex with the female employees. 

Now, a new business called Serenity Massage and Wellness Center will be moving into 1 East Main Street, the former location of Clinton Music Center.

(Clinton Music Center is still a business, and can be found online by clicking here.)

A building application for 1 East Main Street for a tenant refit has been approved by the town's Planning & Zoning Department, Tax Department, Health District, the Building Department and the Fire Marshal.

There will be no public hearing on the new business as a massage parlor is considered personal service which falls under the same category as retail (former tenant Clinton Music Center was retail).

An application by Yuhan Cai for a business of reflexology foot massage, waxing, facials, body work and chair massages has been received by the CT River Area Health District.

Patch spoke with Ms. Cai who said her family owns two other Serenity Massage & Wellness Centers in Connecticut: one in Meriden and one in West Hartford. They opened those centers two years ago, she said.

"I have a Connecticut Massage license," said Cai, who noted that she submitted copies of her license to the Clinton town clerk, building department and health department.

She was unaware of the Jade Massage arrests and said, "There won't be any trouble, like before."

"I promise the people of Clinton," she said.

She said the new business is slated to open in January of 2013.

Harry January 03, 2013 at 09:05 PM
If this is a legitimate business - all therapists will be licensed with the state of CT for Massage Therapy - Ms Cia's has one (I just checked) as a Massage Therapist License # 6517 issued 11/2010 and has no actions or pending charges against her - I would give her the benefit of the doubt as to her business. My wife is a massage therapist who owns her own business and I can assure you that any sexually suggestive behavior would immediately end the session and be banned from returning to her practice. As would the be the case for any professional therapist (male or female). The image shown was not sexual - but I could see how you'd might not what a store front image of a couple relaxing - personally it doesn't offend me - but everyone has there own option of what is appropriate or not - just look at politics and the far left and far right and you will see completely different options on exactly the same topic.
Laura January 04, 2013 at 01:56 AM
They are listed on “Rubmaps”. Rubmaps is a pay site where perverts look when they want a massage with “extras”. They block the real nasty ones but not everything, so be aware. Our town is worth more than this. They will disgrace this town and all the honest massage therapists out there. They need to go now, why wait for them to start up their “side business” when they feel the heat is off.
Me Myself and Eye January 04, 2013 at 11:29 AM
If they are listed there, what are they saying? I imagine the site lists the places where extras are offered and where they are not. When a place is listed it could mean anything. Maybe you have to join the site to find out exactly what they are saying. Perhaps you could elaborate on what that site reports about them. It does appear that people are assuming a listing means they are automatically dirty.
Clinton Resident February 04, 2013 at 06:23 AM
Great to see another "Rub and Tug" open up so quickly again in the center of our town!I hate to call it that but its truly what it is!How many other legitimate massage parlors stay open into late hours of the night....... Also nice to see what used to be Friendlys turn into a pawn shop!I guess we will need it with all the factories closing in town!Would of been nice to see something open that could actually provide jobs and not feed off people hurting in these rough times! -Clinton resident 30 plus years
John March 09, 2013 at 08:33 PM
I will wait for it to be reviewed first on "MPReviews" to see if it has rub and tugs. If I take one for the team I will let you know.


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