A Busy Day of Gift Returns at Local Stores

Stores at Buckland Hills and Enfield Square are bustling the day after Christmas.

It was a busy day at local stores on Monday as shoppers turned up in crowds to return all those not-quite-perfect gifts from the holiday season. 

Nyiajah Pierce, a Sears' supervisor at the Buckland Hills store, said that the day after Christmas is traditionally chaotic, and that shoppers didn't disappoint this year.

"It's been pretty busy with the returns and exchanges," she said.

Parking spots were scarce and far away at both Buckland Hills and Enfield Square Mall, and lines were sometimes long, but many shoppers seemed satisfied with the relatively quick pace of returns.

"There were extra registers," Manchester resident Arlene White said. "Even the traffic wasn't that bad. It was pretty painless."

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