Save the Ocean Beach Osprey tower

Save our Osprey. Save Ocean Beach group is seeking to take the osprey tower down to convert it into a clock tower.Meeting 9/4/2012 at the Parks & Rec.meeting between 5-7.

The Save Ocean Beach group have done many wonderful things for the beach. It's sad for the osprey and the people that enjoy the Ocean Beach Osprey if this group is allowed to take down the Osprey nesting tower. The Save Ocean Beach group would like to take the Osprey tower down and try to relocate it for a clock tower on the boardwalk.We don't think it's worth the risk of loosing the osprey forever.  The Osprey have come back to this same nesting site for decades. Other birds also nest within the osprey nest!Does anyone think it would be a great idea to raise funds to install a web-cam to watch the Ocean Beach Ospey? Many groups have done this. Look up Osprey web cams on the web-site! Many groups celebrate the return of the ospry every March!We would support Save Ocean Beach for a new clock tower. We ask they please reconsider and leave the osprey tower alone. Some of the Save Ocean Beach group members will be seeking permission to take the osprey tower down on  9/4/2012 at an Education, Parks & Recreation Committee meeting between 5-7, prior to the City Council meeting.Please write or show up to show your support for the osprey..Please leave the osprey tower alone!  

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Daniella Ruiz August 24, 2012 at 01:01 PM
the beach is forever tipping things over and trying to right things, left and right. tear up the parking lot, resurface another part, fix the Gam, change the fees, increase the fees, pool access, no pool access, lower the concession access... jeepers! Please NL, GET IT TOGETHER! as for the flighty Ospreys, never fear, they will handily relocate to the new location, as long as they feel safe from the hordes of noisy summer boardwalk and beach people. They love the seclusion the existing tower offers them WAY OUT IN THE LOT. How many Osprey nests have been located, say in the dense city areas, anywhere in any city??? ZERO! They need that 'exclusion zone' so to speak, its part of their instinctive measure to keep young chicks alive! Does anyone remember an osprey nest on the OLD clock tower??? he he he! I sure don't, at least for the last 60 years! A webcam is a nice idea, with a good link for the Magnet and the Technology High School to use for their science and nature classes. Incorporate it into the unlimited BOE budget, (a drop in their bucket.) Speaking of drops, the ospreys will 'drop stuff' below the nest, so be forewarned!
Heidi Cleveland August 27, 2012 at 03:14 PM
Leave the Osprey alone. Get another tower for your clock!
Michael Denison August 28, 2012 at 12:03 PM
Just like a lot of things that were taken down in Historic NL. Flag Poles,Fences,Plaques and numerous other items that will fill many pages have disappeared from the city coffers. Clark of all people you know how much of NL's history has disappeared on a daily basis.
jannice mull September 01, 2012 at 07:27 PM
I visit a few times a year up in Norwich and make it a point to go see the Osprey it sure would be a shame to not be able to see them anymore. Please leave things alone.
Daniella Ruiz September 04, 2012 at 10:57 AM
michael d>> you are correct, many 'items' have disappeared from the city. how about that really nice fence that was around most of Ye Ancientist Cemetary (Hempstead/HuntingtonST). Some remains, but WHERE did the rest of it go? And those nice real Horse Hitching Posts that littered the city? or those beautifully made elaborate lamp standards that are now being 'replaced' by cheaply made mostly fake looking lamp standards? much of that cast iron stuff was there since the 1880's, (can we call it durable?) and now we get this junky thin sheet metal tube stuff showing up, or that junky plastic stuff that shatters when you lean against it. or those 'cast in place' curbs that slide out of place when the snow plow comes along. i won't point fingers, BUT, whenever the maintenance crews showed up to fix stuff, it often just vanished! I'm wondering if that scrap yard (Howard St,>> Trumbull/Nameag St>>Essex CT) would have any idea. we can thank those millions of truly great craftsmen from Europe that immigrated (1800's) with their devotion to detail, art, hard work and skill for what we once had.


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