Exercising, Joking, Having a Good Time at East Windsor Senior Center

Senior citizens continue to keep in shape with chair yoga.


Every Tuesday around 12:30 p.m. you can hear laughter and silence alternating from the East Windsor Senior Center’s dining room as part of the weekly chair yoga class.

Led by Robert Slate, the class regularly has more than 20 participants going through their exercises.

Slate said they don’t care of you’re a few minutes late or few minutes early, everybody’s welcome. The class has been chair yoga at the senior center for a a little over three years.

This week about 12 ladies participated in the class, which included stretches in their chairs, stretches holding onto their chairs and standing away from the chairs. Other regular members of the class weren’t there this week because they were on a senior outing.

Slate joked that the ladies were really there for the massages after the exercise session.

“You don’t come here to have a serious time,” Slate, who’s been heading the class since January,  said. “You come here to have a fun time.”


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